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parent's generation. >> reporter: in detroit michigan where unemployment is 14% union members held up signs saying america wants to work while they waited to hear from president obama. [ chanting ] >> thank you everybody. >> reporter: the president's message our economy works best when the middle class is thriving, mr. obama will support more action to boost hiring. >> the time for action is now no more manufactured crisis no more games now is not the time for the people you sent to washington to worry about their jobs now is the time for them to worry about your jobs. >> reporter: the challenge is immense there are 14 million unemployed americans and another 8.1 million who aren't working as many hours as they would like companies concerned about the cost of benefits and economy would likely add more hours, before they added more workers. back in green belt maryland they are still finding reason to celebrate. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> reporter: women like janice now have opportunities to start their own businesses >> i run a nonprofit organization i started myself. >> rep
michigan here. this whole area of trough is going to come right on top of us for the weekend. what does that mean? we're going to be chilly and with this cold air aloft, we're going to be cloudy and we're going to be showery, too, going through the next couple of days. it looks like the weekend not that great. not only is there going to be a weekend chill, but talking showers, too. the greatest threat of showers will be tomorrow. there's going to be some showers around on sunday. mostly cloudy tonight, possible shower out there later on. temperature gets down to 52 in town. spotty shower tomorrow morning. a little bit of sunshine. and we become cloudy with showers for all day parts tomorrow. nothing too heavy, but keep the umbrella handy because i think it will be heavy enough at times that you are going to wish you had the umbrella, especially at the maryland game tomorrow. plan for that. a little bit better on sunday, okay? not much better on sunday, but a little bit. you see the temperature there around 60 degrees both days. it's going to be breezy both days. >> and you can watch th
. we see the low pressure system now moving across michigan, the trailing front is going to come blasting through here tomorrow and the showers will stay north of us but that low pressure system will have one more piece of energy that comes around it on saturday and that's where we will get those showers from. our temperature right now 77 degrees, we are going to see that dropping, thanks to these winds that are gusting to 22 miles an hour, bringing in the cooler and drier air that we've had off to the west. speaking of drier air, we measure that humidity more easily with a dew point temperature which yesterday was up near the upper 60s to 70 degrees, down to 52 degrees now. that usually gives us some idea of where our temperatures can bottom out and that's where we are headed tonight. i'll show you those lows in a moment. here you can see the beginning of those cooler temperatures coming in. this will get reinforced very big time tomorrow as our stronger push of colder air is going to come in with a second front and again that will happen tomorrow afternoon. you'll notice a band
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3